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Our job offers in the hotel industry : find a mission in a few clicks.

Find easily temporary assignments in the hotel and catering industry thanks to our digital application

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Work in the hotel industry.

Contrary to what one might think, temporary work in the hotel and catering industry is not necessarily a constraint. On the contrary, this way of working has many advantages.

Do you want to work on an occasional or regular basis in the hotel industry?

Bruce's teams provide you with temporary hotel and catering offers.

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Why do temporary work in the hotel industry ?

Develop your professional experience through temporary work in the hotel and catering industry. Depending on the length of the proposed missions, you work in contact with different employers and different executives with significantly variable assignments. This allows you to increase your professional experience. You gain a great deal of knowledge and develop your know-how through contact with the various interlocutors you meet. Interim in the hotel industry brings you a rich and informative journey.

Work in various geographic areas. In addition, the fact of working punctually can lead you to travel the country or even the globe. Temporary assignments in the hotel industry are offered all over France. Thus, you have the possibility to travel and discover different regions, through your professional life. It is also a very rewarding way of working that will satisfy the more adventurous among you.

Test different types of businesses. When you start your professional life or change direction, it's not always easy to know what kind of company you want to work for. Interim assignments in the hotel and catering industry are offered in various structures, more or less large. The fact of carrying out short contracts, therefore, allows you to have a concrete vision of this industry. Large hotel groups, vacation centers, seaside resorts, restaurants, boutique hotels ... Your experience will help you to identify what kind of business you want to turn to next.

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How to find an interim job in the hotel industry?

Are you convinced that temporary work in luxury hotels, classic hotels or restaurants is made for you? Don't wait any longer to find THE mission that suits you.

Don't waste your time finding a hotel temp agency! Sign up on our Bruce platform, download our app and discover the thousands of offers available.

Thanks to our search module, you can select the geographical area that interests you, the type of position you are looking for, the duration of the missions envisaged and the salary that interests you.

In addition, you can easily set alerts to find out about the latest temporary assignments posted online. You just have to get started!

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