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Logistics and transport interim: Find a job now in your sector.

Do you like to manage physical flows, data? Check out our logistics offers on the Bruce app.

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Logistics at your fingertips.

Logistics and transport are among those professions that we hear less about, but which nevertheless represent an essential link in the economy. These two sectors of activity bring together a very large number of professions, sometimes little known.

Depending on the annual calendar, companies need to strengthen their teams and call in temporary workers.

As a logistics and a transport agency, we help professionals find temporary workers according to their needs, and regularly post jobs online for temporary workers.

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Why do temporary work inlogistics ?

Carrying out logistics and transport interim jobs has many advantages. First of all, it allows you to gain professional experience and acquire skills in very specific trades. Then, it ensures you some financial income and allows you to feed your CV.

Are you between jobs or looking for a job? Temporary work allows you to continue working, while continuing your research. In addition, you integrate different companies by performing interim missions. It can help you get interesting contacts and advance your professional search.

The demand for temporary workers in these sectors of activity is recurrent. You can therefore vary your experiences, acquire knowledge and develop your expertise in certain positions.

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Find a mission in logistics.

Going through a traditional logistics interim box can take time and force you to travel. If you want to start prospecting faster and apply for announcements today, sign up on our Bruce platform.

Thanks to our multi-criteria search engine, you can find transport or logistics interim jobs in your area in a few clicks.

No matter what your job is, you have access to many job offers submitted by local companies. In addition, if you are thinking of changing location, you can find advertisements in all French departments. Bruce facilitates the connection between temporary workers and companies in the logistics sector thanks to its intuitive and modern platform.

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