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Interim in catering: find assignments in your geographical area.

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Catering at your fingertips

Who says interim does not necessarily mean precariousness. Quite the contrary. This type of contract can be a real opportunity for you to complete jobs of more or less long duration. Enough to gain experience, earn a living and work wherever you want.

Catering is a constantly changing business sector.

Depending on the time of year, the need for workers can be more or less important.

It's to respond the demand that many establishments offer temporary catering assignments in fast food restaurants or even kitchen workers.

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Why do temporary work in the catering sector ?

Gain experience in your field. Carrying out several missions in different restaurants or in different positions (interim collective catering, interim cooking, etc.), will allow you to gain experience. You will meet a varied clientele, different missions and work in contact with bosses with different working methods. All these elements will allow you to enrich yourself professionally. Enough to develop your skills, learn new things and acquire contacts in the field.

Earn income during a period of inactivity. The fact of giving priority to temporary catering can also be the opportunity to work on short-term missions, during a period of inactivity. For example, this can be the case when you quit one job and wait for the next to start. You maintain compensation and continue to use your skills within an institution. Also, it can be a good way to learn more if you are planning to open your own establishment. Carrying out one or more temporary catering missions will then allow you to immerse yourself in this sector of activity, learn from contact with professionals and familiarize yourself with the processes.

Stay geographically mobile thanks to temporary catering. Whether it is to follow your partner or simply discover the country, the principle of interim is ideal when you want to be able to be geographically mobile. You just have to look for a mission in the area of your choice to find a restaurant looking for temporary workers.

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Find a mission in catering.

If finding a temporary catering company is not that complicated, it can quickly be overwhelming when you have staggered schedules or cannot find in the geographical area concerned.

Fortunately, Bruce is there to support you in your daily professional life, and to help you find missions that meet your different criteria.

To do this, nothing easier ! Download our app, create an account and start your search. In a few clicks, you will consult the latest offers posted online by catering professionals.

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