Bruce, our story

Bruce was born in 2016 from the desire of its founders to change the world of temporary work, too complicated to access for job seekers and too restrictive for companies. We believe that for every recruiter there is the perfect candidate and for every talent the perfect assignment. By helping them to meet, we create the opportunities that will lead to success for each of them. From this observation came the idea of using technology and human expertise to simplify the recruitment process for some and the job search for others.

Our mission

To make the world of employment fairer and more efficient. Thanks to the combination of the best of technological intelligence and the human touch.


The project was built on the belief that technology has the power to make the job market more fair and efficient. Bruce's research and development team has been working ever since to constantly improve an artificial intelligence designed to remove recruitment bias and promote candidates on merit alone.

The Humain

Bruce now has more than 90 employees, specialized by sector (hotels and restaurants, logistics, industry, construction, services) and all dedicated to making this vision a reality. Our account managers, in charge of managing the service, support our large accounts and SME clients in the smooth running of their missions. Our recruitment consultants, who are attentive to talent, manage the entire recruitment process from sourcing to contract signature, including administrative management and 24/7 chat.

Meet the founders of Bruce

Adrien Moreira
CEO Bruce

Adrien Moreira graduated in International Business from Lancashire University (UK) and in Management from EM LYON. He started his career in 2009, working for the Casino group as a business analyst, then as a buyer. In 2011, he launched the startup Cvous, the very first community website for consumers who want to have an impact on the products and services they consume every day. In this context, he met Henrik Perrochon, co-founder in charge of the technological aspects of the project. In 2015, driven by the desire to undertake in an under-digitized sector, they created the startup Bruce.

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Henrik Perrochon
CTO Bruce

Henrik, co-founder and CTO, launched with Adrien in the Bruce adventure in 2015. Engineer of the Ecole Centrale Paris, he joined the Casino group to transform the supply chain tools and improve the inventory forecasting models. He then co-founded CVous within the group and was responsible for all the technical aspects of the site. Today, Henrik manages Bruce's entire technical team. Together, they fine-tune the infrastructure to serve all Bruce users in milliseconds. They explore mathematics, algorithms, and data to transform recruiting through unbiased matching. Finally, they are constantly innovating in the architecture of the code and the construction of their libraries. His Finnish origins gave him a taste for sauna and metal, as well as surprising abilities in karting.

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Bruce today

More than 1000 corporate clients (key accounts, SMEs, startups)

500,000 Talents in database. More than 2,000 FTEs in 2020

Recruitments filled in less than 2 hours