Recruiting in the construction: How to find the perfect matchin a context of penurious recruitment?

Recruiting in the construction industry is a major challenge for professionals in the sector. For the most part, many of their recruitment needs are based on shortage jobs. The search for roofers, electricians, painters or masons is often tedious, even though it is essential because the lack of manpower in these professions can compromise the progress of a project. How to recruit effectively in a context of limited recruitment? How to attract and retain these rare profiles?

The shortage of manpower is the main issue in recruitment in the construction industry for profiles that are not well represented on the job market or in certain geographical areas. This page gathers the necessary resources to help construction professionals find the rare pearl in a context in which they struggle to find the resources they need.

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Bruce helps professionals in the construction industry meet their recruitment, business growth and new project development challenges. Our matching algorithm allows us to select the best profiles in real time from our 500,000 CV database. Our recruitment consultants then take care of the pre-qualification of the candidates: presentation of the mission, confirmation of availability, interpersonal skills, elocution and skills. Through the Bruce application, professionals in the sector have a tool for monitoring applications 7/7, 24/24 for all their assignments to be filled. Bruce's teams provide the client with a dedicated consultant throughout the recruitment process and an account manager to manage the mission. Thus, Bruce offers support adapted to the challenges and needs of recruitment in the construction industry, whether volumetric, multi-site or penurious...

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The professionals of the sector are all in phase to mention a major problem in the construction industry: recruitment. Finding an ideal candidate is difficult, due to a lack of training and skills, inexperienced candidates, unattractive jobs and increased competition. Recruiters are struggling to find qualified workers. To overcome these difficulties, it is necessary to define more flexible criteria in order to extend the targeting of candidates, to make job offers attractive, to modernize their approach or to outsource recruitment to multiply their chances of finding the right candidate.

Define your selection criteria

First of all, you must define your needs and the type of profiles you are looking for. Is the recruitment penurious because of a complex geographical area, or because of rare sought-after skills? Is there a degree or certification that you absolutely need? Defining these criteria will help you have a clearer and more precise approach to your search. In addition, if you can afford to recruit less qualified or inexperienced candidates, now is the time to give new entrants to the job market a chance. A less qualified candidate with less experience doesn't mean he or she won't be able to meet the needs of your assignments, quite the contrary. Focus on motivated and willing candidates and train them in your work methods.

Be attractive

In the construction sector, the challenge is also to win back the hearts of the new generations to convince them to join you. Put forward the advantages of the position, emphasize the interesting points for the new generations and the possibilities of evolution. Put forward your employer brand, highlight the positive points of your company and the possibilities of evolution. Offering an attractive and competitive salary is also an option when the search for new recruits is complicated. A talent with a rare profile and skills will surely be offered several positions. A higher than average salary can tip the balance in your favor.

Opt for work-study and training

To attract more candidates, offer work-study positions. Having an employee on a work-study program allows him or her to learn a specific trade in a professional and concrete setting. For recruiters, work-study programs make it easier to recruit and to benefit from additional resources that can be more easily retained. In addition, the building and public works sector has strengthened its training offers and thus offers more prospects to young talents who can better project themselves in the building sector. Also think about training. Recruiting talent that does not have all the required skills is not excluded if you then offer training. Once trained, the talent in place will be fully operational.

Outsource your recruitment

To make sure you get the right profiles, consider outsourcing your recruitment. An agency with recruitment experts in the construction sector can be of great help. The knowledge of the sector, the understanding of the need, the follow-up and the sorting of the applications will be assured. A recruitment agency also has a pool of talent in your sector and allows you to recruit quickly and efficiently! A digital recruitment agency like Bruce allows you to find the perfect match and therefore the ideal candidate in just a few clicks, whether you are recruiting on a temporary, fixed-term or permanent basis.

Temporary employment gives you the flexibility to attract candidates and to do pre-hiring. A beneficial point for both the employer and the talent. In addition, you can build up a pool of candidates after testing their skills on a temporary basis.

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Bruce is a digital recruitment agency specializing in short term contracts (temporary, fixed term) and permanent placements. Thanks to its powerful matching algorithm and its 80 recruitment experts, Bruce supports nearly 500,000 talents and 1,000 clients (SMEs and large companies) to help them create the perfect match. Through a unique and customizable platform, Bruce offers total visibility on the recruitment process 7/7 and 24/24. This combination of people and technology is designed to make the job market more ethical and therefore more conducive to success for everyone.

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