Recruiting in Logistics between volume requirement and penuric: how to attract the best profiles?

Unquestionably, logistics is one of the sectors that has suffered the least from the crisis. The health context has accelerated the growth of online sales and, at the same time, of deliveries and logistics. However, there is still a major challenge in this sector: recruitment. Between penurious recruitment or the need to integrate several dozen, even hundreds of profiles per week, the sector needs methods to attract and retain talent to accompany the growth of activity.

This page brings together all the resources needed to help logistics professionals identify and attract the best talent in this rapidly changing industry.

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Bruce offers targeted support for the challenges and needs of logistics recruiting, whether it is volumetric, multi-site, penurious, or a seasonal peak or the development of new sites.

Bruce is a digital recruitment agency that offers a platform with multi-distribution of offers (job boards, social networks and CV libraries), a matching algorithm with real-time selection of the best profiles in our CV library of 500,000 CVs, and a candidate pre-qualification service: presentation of the mission, confirmation of availability, interview and assessment of personal skills. Through the Bruce platform, professionals in the logistics sector have total visibility on the follow-up of applications 24/7 for all their vacancies. A dedicated logistics recruitment consultant supports the selection of candidates and a dedicated account manager oversees the successful completion of the assignment.

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Our tips to recruit in logistics

In logistics, finding the right candidate is a major challenge. Between the need for specific training, the geographical location or the shifting hours, finding the ideal candidate is not easy. As a recruiter, you need solutions and methods to recruit quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Organize your recruitment

First of all, you must define your needs and the type of profiles you are looking for. Is the recruitment penurious because of the geographical area, or because of the profession and qualifications sought? Is there a specific skill that you absolutely need for the candidate to join your company? Defining these criteria will help you have a clearer and more precise approach to your needs. In addition, if your recruiting is tied to the seasonality of your business, planning for your additional staffing needs and anticipating those intensive recruiting periods will help you take the time to find the talent you need.

Promote your ads

In order to attract candidates for logistics positions, focusing on the company's image and advantages is a good way to highlight other assets for the candidate. Highlight your company's strengths! In order to be able to convince penurious profiles to join you, you must be attractive to talents. Highlight your employer brand, emphasize the positive points of your company and the possibilities of evolution, internal mobility, benefits... You can also review the remuneration to propose an attractive and competitive salary. A talent with a rare profile and skills will surely be offered several positions. Also make sure that candidates have a good knowledge and perception of the jobs you offer.

Present your offers in a different light

The logistics sector is struggling to recruit, particularly because of jobs that can be perceived as traditional or sometimes difficult. Today, with the modernization and robotization of the activity, some jobs are becoming more accessible, which allows to enlarge the pool of candidates. This is an opportunity to communicate with the new generations about the new jobs that this will generate: technicians, machine and production line quality managers, supply chain, data analysts, etc. Jobs that give more responsibility and autonomy and are therefore more attractive.

The emergence of these new professions and the evolution of traditional professions are an opportunity for recruiters to attract students, young graduates or employees looking for a change of sector of activity by promoting them.

Take into account the knowledge to be

In logistics, interpersonal skills are also very important. It can be one of the most important criteria in some cases. A candidate coming from another sector of activity and who presents interpersonal skills can also be considered for certain missions. For certain tasks, transferable skills acquired in another field may be the ideal solution when candidates are hard to find. For example, talents coming from the industrial or retail sector benefit from human skills that are useful for logistics jobs. Don't base your recruitments solely on the CV, but read between the lines to detect the potential in each of the talents that come your way.

Think about apprenticeship and training

Moreover, if you have recruitment needs with precise criteria on a diploma or a certification, do not hesitate to set up training plans. A willing and committed candidate who wants to get involved in a position with you but does not have a CACES for example, will be an ideal candidate after training. Apprenticeships are also a good way to find the right candidates. Offering apprenticeship positions can help you expand your search area and therefore widen your target audience. Apprenticeships will also help you attract motivated young people who will learn the specifics of your company and your techniques. This can be a good way for you to hire a fully trained and operational employee as soon as he/she leaves school, since he/she will have been trained by your side.

In addition to apprenticeships for young people, think about operational preparation for employment, which can allow job seekers to be trained on specific needs. Different schemes exist and you can get support from the employment office or your temporary employment agencies. You should also consider co-financing to finance these training courses. Co-financing is based on sharing the financing of the training between the employee via his/her CPF and the company. In addition, don't hesitate to relax certain criteria when sorting applications. Focus on the human qualities of the candidates and their motivation. A motivated and willing talent can reveal all his or her abilities after training.

Outsource your recruitment

To be sure to reach the right profiles, think of outsourcing your HR needs in order to widen your search and give you more chances to recruit the profiles you are looking for. Whether it's for temporary, fixed-term or permanent employment, the agency can help you with these difficult recruitments. An agency with recruitment experts in the logistics sector can be of great help to you. The knowledge of the sector, the understanding of the need, the follow-up and the sorting of the applications will be thus ensured. A recruitment agency also has a talent pool and allows you to recruit quickly and efficiently! A digital recruitment agency like Bruce allows you to find the perfect match and therefore the ideal candidate in just a few clicks. Temporary work allows you to attract candidates and anticipate permanent hires.

Go digital

Digital recruiting is no longer in need of introduction: successful recruiting is also fast, flexible and inexpensive. According to an Opinion Way study conducted for Bruce, ¾ of employers and 6 talents out of 10 believe that digital recruitment improves the recruitment process, an indisputable plebiscite. Digitizing your recruitment allows you to drastically reduce the recruitment process while targeting qualified candidates. Thanks to digital technology, the sourcing of candidates is accelerated in order to respond immediately to a need. Also, going digital simplifies administrative procedures: all important documents are dematerialized and saved automatically. This allows for a fluid and rapid exchange with candidates. Moreover, in the context of logistics recruitment, digital technology allows us to greatly expand the search area and to source candidates from a wider geographical area. Digital technology also allows you to interview candidates who are not located near your employment area, to modernize your approach and to simplify your human resources management.

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Bruce is a digital recruitment agency specializing in short term contracts (temporary, fixed term) and permanent placements. Thanks to its powerful matching algorithm and its 80 recruitment experts, Bruce supports nearly 500,000 talents and 1,000 clients (SMEs and large companies) to help them create the perfect match. Through a unique and customizable platform, Bruce offers total visibility on the recruitment process 7/7 and 24/24. This combination of people and technology is designed to create a more ethical job market that is more conducive to success for everyone.

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