Recruiting in the sector tertiary How to attract and retain the best profiles?

The service sector has long been one of the largest providers of employment in France. The health crisis has further accelerated the growth of this sector in the job market. According to an Opinion Way survey for Bruce, 9 out of 10 employers intend to recruit in the coming year.

With new ways of working, telecommuting, and after a year of health crisis, the industry is facing a major challenge: recruitment. This page brings together all the resources needed to help professionals in the sector meet this challenge.

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Bruce helps start-ups, SMEs and large companies to meet their recruitment challenges, increase their activity or replace them in case of absence. Bruce digitalizes all the steps of the recruitment process by offering a platform with multi-distribution of offers (job boards, social networks and CV libraries), a matching algorithm that allows the selection of the best profiles in real time from our 500,000 CV talent base, a candidate pre-qualification service: presentation of the mission during a video interview, confirmation of availability, interpersonal skills, elocution, or even the signing of the contract, time sheets and pay. Through the Bruce application, professionals in the sector have a tool for monitoring applications 24/7 for all their assignments to be filled. Bruce's teams provide a dedicated consultant for the entire recruitment process and an account manager who is an expert in the industry to manage the assignment. In addition, Bruce offers support adapted to the challenges and needs of recruitment, whether it is volumetric, multi-site, or penal...

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Our tips to successfully recruit in the service sector

After a year of health crisis, recruiting is accelerating. In June 2021, Opinion Way conducted a study for Bruce on recruitment trends. The results are clear: 9 out of 10 employers intend to recruit during the year. We give you all our advice to recruit well in the service sector:

Identify your need

For what position are you recruiting and what profile do you need? This reflection must be the basis of your recruitment strategy. An efficient recruitment is a clear recruitment: you know what the need is, you have clearly identified it and you know which candidate you are expecting for the vacant position. List the skills and human qualities needed for the position, identify the main missions and the organization of your team in order to quickly visualize your target.

Write your job offer and stand out

In the service sector, competition is fierce. Many job offers are regularly published for positions in the service industry. You must stand out. Write your job offer by putting yourself in the shoes of future candidates: what is the element that will make them apply? Be attractive! A classic job offer will not generate immediate involvement. The objective is that the talent wants to join the company by reading your ad. Highlight the advantages you can offer, talk about the skills and knowledge expected. A talent must be able to project himself in the position.

Attract talent

In the service sector, the challenge is to attract the best profiles and convince them to come to you. Listen to the talent, be curious, take an interest in their profile and show them that you are interested. Also develop your employer brand to make your company attractive. Whether it's the atmosphere, your values or the work environment, your qualities as an employer will make you a preferred target for candidates looking for a position. Make your employees visible. A happy employee is the best ambassador for your company.

Outsource your recruitment

To make sure you get the right profiles, consider outsourcing your recruitment. An agency with experts in recruitment in the tertiary sector can be of great help to you. Whether it's for temporary, fixed-term or permanent employment, the agency can help you with these difficult recruitments. The knowledge of the sector, the understanding of the need, the follow-up and the sorting of the applications will be thus ensured. A recruitment agency also has a pool of talent and allows you to recruit quickly and efficiently! A recruitment agency like Bruce allows you to find the perfect match and therefore the ideal candidate in just a few clicks.

Go digital

Digital recruiting is no longer an issue: a successful recruitment is also a fast, flexible and inexpensive recruitment. According to an Opinion Way study conducted for Bruce, ¾ of employers and 6/10 talents believe that digital recruitment improves the recruitment process, an indisputable plebiscite Digitalising your recruitment allows you to simplify administrative procedures: all important documents are dematerialised and saved automatically. You can also conduct all your interviews remotely thanks to the video interview, and this allows for a fluid and rapid exchange with candidates. Moreover, for the service sector, digitalization and dematerialization is a guarantee of modernity, of adaptation to market changes and will more easily encourage talents to join your company.

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Bruce is a digital recruitment agency specializing in short term contracts (temporary, fixed term) and permanent placements. Thanks to its powerful matching algorithm and its 80 recruitment experts, Bruce supports nearly 500,000 talents and 1,000 clients (SMEs and large companies) to help them create the perfect match. Through a unique and customizable platform, Bruce offers total visibility on the recruitment process 7/7 and 24/24. This combination of people and technology is designed to make the job market more ethical and therefore more conducive to success for everyone.

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