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Automotive interim: find a job now in your sector.

Discover the missions available in the automobile sector via the Bruce app.

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Find a job in the automotive industry.

The automobile is a rich sector, which gathers many professions

During certain periods of the year, companies in this field use temporary workers to meet their needs.

At Bruce, find plenty of automotive interim jobs and apply with just a few clicks.

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Why do temporary work in the automobile industry ?

This industry is one of the engines of the French economy. Carrying out interim missions allows you to gain skills and participate in the country's economic wealth.

Strengthen the workforce of a company by doing automobile interim. The temporary status is particularly popular in the automotive sector because it allows companies to strengthen their teams when production cycles are in full swing. Thus, you will take part in a collective action and will come to support the actors of the sector in their various needs.

Gain experience within large groups in the sector. Carrying out interim missions is a great way to develop your professional experience in internationally renowned companies. Renault, PSA… All the giants in the field regularly call on temporary workers.

Participate in the sustainability of a constantly changing industry. Carrying out interim assignments is also a way of taking part in the growth and sustainability of the sector. Some companies face many absences or a high turnover which prevents them from continuing their development. By lending them a hand, you help them maintain their production rate.

Test your attractiveness for different positions. The principle of temporary employment in the auto sector is also great for discovering different professions. You will be able to carry out missions in maintenance and production positions or even sales.

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Find an interim mission in the auto sector.

Do you want to easily find a temporary work in auto sector?

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