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Business sector

Commerce is one of the most dynamic sectors of activity in terms of temporary employment opportunities. The annual calendar has an impact on the labor needs of companies, so it's usually quite easy to find temporary jobs in the retail industry. On the Bruce application, you will regularly find offers in this sector.

The work in temporary employment in the business industry

The commercial sector includes a wide variety of companies. Many of them have recourse to temporary staffing to reinforce their teams at key times of the year. This is particularly the case during the sales periods, during the holidays or even during the vacation period, for companies located in tourist areas.

Interim assignments in the retail sector sometimes require specific qualifications for certain positions such as accountant, butcher, department manager, etc. Apart from these specific jobs, it is quite possible to do interim assignments in the retail sector without having any qualifications or diploma.

The variety of interim offers in the business sector

At Bruce, we are present in this sector of activity, and act all year round as a temporary agency in commerce. Therefore, by consulting our online offers, you will regularly find a wide variety of assignments for positions in :

The advantages of working as a temp in the business sector

Contrary to what one might think, temporary work in the commercial sector is not necessarily a constraint. On the contrary, this type of work has many advantages.

Discover various companies and positions

Working as a temp in the retail sector is an ideal way to discover the different companies in this sector. You will also be able to occupy different positions and fulfill various missions. This will help you to better define your job search or broaden your professional skills.

Staying geographically mobile thanks to temporary work in the retail sector

Temporary employment is ideal if you want to be able to change locations regularly. Indeed, you are only hired for the duration of your contract. In addition, you can easily find temporary employment offers in the trade, in all French departments.

Test different types of businesses

Temporary employment in commerce, as in other sectors, allows you to benefit from an interesting salary. You enjoy the benefits of an employee for the duration of your contract. At the end of your contract, you will receive an end-of-contract bonus, similar to that of a fixed-term contract.

Gain professional experience and maintain your activity

Do you want to reach positions of responsibility in the commercial sector, but lack professional experience? Doing interim assignments in the commercial sector will help you develop your CV, increase your skills and put forward more experience during your job interviews.

Choosing the right interim agency in commerce

In order to be able to check out really great temporary work opportunities on a regular basis, you need to find the right temp agency in the business. At Bruce, we offer you a comprehensive and easy-to-access service. Thus, our platform allows you to:

  • Register quickly to consult our temporary work offers in the trade.
  • Connect you with companies looking to hire in this sector.
  • Connect from your smartphone, to search for assignments from anywhere.
  • Find assignments in a few clicks, without having to go to an agency.

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