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Industry Sector

Industry is a very vast sector, which includes many professions. Among them, we find professions related to the design, manufacture and sale of consumer goods. These may be material goods (automobiles, construction, aeronautics, textiles, etc.) but also basic necessities, such as foodstuffs. With the evolution of new technologies and the global awareness of environmental protection, this sector will continue its evolution and development for many years. In order to meet specific or regular needs, companies call upon temporary workers in the industry.

There is a wide variety of temporary assignments in the industry. And for good reason, the jobs represented by this sector are numerous. Some of them require specific know-how (creativity, training, specific skills), others require human qualities (precision, rigor, concentration, management).

The jobs who are recruiting in the industry

Whatever the field you are interested in, you can carry out temporary assignments in the industry. You can apply for temporary jobs, depending on your qualifications, training and experience.

Operational jobs without qualifications

Even if you don't have a specific diploma or training, you can hope to carry out temporary assignments in the industry. And this, in particular on more operational positions. Thus, you will find many offers to be :

To apply for jobs, simply create your account on the Bruce platform and complete your profile, following the instructions and process.

Interim assignments in industry with qualifications

If you have a particular background or already have work experience, you can expect to work in more skilled interim positions in the industry. This is particularly the case for assignments in :

  • Customer advisor.
  • Production manager.
  • Polisher.
  • Technical sales representative.
  • Line operator.
  • Forklift operator.
  • Welder.
  • Planner-scheduler.
  • Market gardener.

To find out if your profile is suitable for a temporary assignment offered by Bruce, consult the detailed job description. There you can find out about the compulsory and optional prerequisites indicated by the company issuing the offer.

Bruce, the agencyinterim in the industry

At Bruce, we act as a temporary employment agency in the industry. We offer a wide range of temporary work assignments in this sector of activity. Automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry... The fields are varied.

Create your profile in a few clicks on our platform, and consult, from your home, on your smartphone, our numerous temporary work offers in the industry, everywhere in France.

The advantages of our temporary employment agency Industry

Bruce is a digital temping agency in the industry (and other sectors). We offer a connected, easy-to-use platform that doesn't require you to travel to register. Our goal? To put technology at the service of temporary employment. Thanks to our service, you can :

  • Create your temporary worker profile in a few clicks.
  • Consult temporary employment offers in the industry all over France.
  • Apply for assignments quickly, without having to travel.
  • Update your profile as you complete assignments.
  • Get in touch with key companies in the sector.
  • Find offers for temporary work, but also for longer contracts (fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts).

Everything you need to know about temporary employment in industry

Today, the industry sector is one of the most represented in temporary employment. A true pillar of the economy, industry represents 10% of the GDP in France and provides three million direct jobs. Thanks to the plurality of jobs offered, the sector offers candidates a great deal of freedom of choice regarding the location or type of company to work for.

Temporary work in industry

The industry gathers production factors necessary to the sale of goods on the market more or less sophisticated. Whether in the automotive, food processing, energy, aeronautics, nuclear or pharmaceutical industries, the offer in industry is always present and very diversified. With an average salary of €35,250 gross per year, the remuneration of employees in industry is 14% higher than the national average. Similarly, industrial companies have developed schemes that influence employee motivation: profit-sharing bonuses, profit-sharing, etc. The industry sector means enjoying teamwork within committed companies that put in place the necessary means to build tomorrow every day.

One year ago, following the health crisis, the government launched #FranceRelance. Since then, 100 billion euros have been devoted to economic recovery, including 1 billion euros in direct aid to support ambitious industrial projects. Today, our recruiters need you more than ever to meet this demand.

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The industry yes, but which job is for me?

Temporary employment in industry allows all those interested in this sector and with professional experience in a particular field to work in the various trades of industry. The latter offers employment prospects for all levels from CAP to Bac +5. The trend is to raise the level of skills, knowing that companies also allow students to evolve and train. This is a real asset when you want to specialize in a specific field or change your career plans.

In order to help you as much as possible, we have drawn up a list of possible interim jobs in the industry according to the different sectors:

  • Automotive industry: manufacturing operator, bodybuilder, garage owner, auto/PL mechanic, body painter, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: line operator, manufacturing operator, laboratory technician, forklift operator, chemical technician.

  • The aeronautics industry: aeronautical fitter, aeronautical electronics technician, aeronautical cable fitter, aeronautical numerical control (NC) operator, aeronautical painter, design draftsman, aeronautical laminator, boilermaker, test technician, maintenance technician.

  • The airport industry divided into several sections:

  • Airfield jobs: agents, engineers, mechanics, cleaners, aircraft area manager, etc.

  • Logistics: cargo agents, baggage handlers, warehousemen, technicians, etc.

  • Chemical industry: line operator, manufacturing operator, operator on processing equipment, chemical industry installation pilot, etc.

  • The graphic industry, wood, paper, cardboard, glass, materials also offers many industrial jobs, etc.

  • The food industry: production operator, packaging operator, line operator, forklift operator, baker, laboratory technician, analyst, product manager, quality controller, production manager, dairy controller, slaughterhouse jobs (boners, bleeders, packers, hangers) etc.

What interest do I have in applying as an interim?

Working as a temp offers a certain amount of freedom when it comes to managing your professional and personal life. The autonomy and flexibility allow you to work for whom you want and especially when you want. The choice in the various missions proposed allows you to alternate between periods worked and not worked. There are also many social benefits such as the FASTT (Fonds d'Action Sociale du Travail Temporaire) to facilitate the life of temporary workers. You are entitled to assistance in renting or buying a car, financing advice, childcare solutions, or even vacation stays at advantageous rates, not to mention access to the mandatory Intérimaires health insurance.

Now... it's your turn! We regularly propose offers in the sector, stay informed with our Bruce application.

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