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Jobs in industry: our offers all over France.

Are you interested in the industrial sector? Check out our offers on the Bruce app.

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Work in the industry.

Industry is a very large sector which includes many trades. Among them, we find in particular occupations related to the design, manufacture and sale of consumer goods.

These can be material goods (automobile, construction, textile aeronautics, etc.) but also essential goods such as those in the food industry in particular.

With the evolution of new technologies and the global awareness of environmental protection, this sector will continue to evolve and develop for many years.

To meet one-off or regular needs, companies call on temporary workers in industry.

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Why do temporary work in the industry ?

Industry is a sector at the heart of the French economy. By working in this field, you actively participate in the development of the country and its reputation in the rest of the world. Moreover, with technological developments, it is a constantly changing sector that has a lot of future ahead of it.

Here are some advantages that Industry has in store for you :

• A high employability rate: enough to find work and temporary assignments on a recurring basis
• Professional opportunities in many fields for all levels of training.
• A salary often higher than in other sectors.
• A collective and useful work to design the world of tomorrow.
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Bruce, the Interim industry agency.

Bruce is an interim agency in the digital industry (and other sectors). We offer you a connected, easy-to-use platform that does not require travel to register. Our wish? Put technology at the service of temporary employment.

Thanks to our service, you will be able to:

• Create your temporary worker profile in a few clicks.
• Consult temporary jobs in industry throughout France.
• Apply for jobs quickly, without having to travel.
• Update your profile as and when missions are completed.
• Get in touch with key companies in the sector.
• Find offers for temporary work but also longer contracts (CDD, CDI).
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