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Nurse, caregiver, doctor, medical preparator, attendant... Find temporary assignments in the medical field in a few clicks with the Bruce app.

Medical sector

In France, the health sector is regularly short of personnel. That's why many companies and institutions call on temporary medical staff to meet their needs. Nurses, nursing assistants, medical secretaries... With Bruce, consult thousands of offers every day, in a few clicks.

The professions available in medical interim

To meet the demand of many companies in the public and private sector, Bruce, digital recruitment agency, offers you assignments in several types of jobs.

The care professions

Whether in hospitals, clinics or other communities, temporary work is particularly used to find caregiver profiles. Thus, depending on your diploma and qualifications, you will be able to respond to offers of varying lengths, to occupy the functions of nurse, care assistant, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, radiology technician, etc.

Interim medical secretary assignments

The secretariat is a key position in the medical sector. Administrative management, organization of appointments, contact with patients...: these missions are crucial and allow health professionals to practice their profession in good conditions. The medical interim is a good way to replace a secretary in case of sick leave, maternity leave, retirement ... or simply to support punctually a strong activity.

Jobs in laboratories and pharmacies

Interim assignments in the medical field can also be used to complete laboratory teams or to ensure quality service during peaks in pharmacy activity (e.g. in winter). Thanks to Bruce, you can find assignments for pharmaceutical secretaries, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, laboratory technicians, etc.

Interim medical support missions

The social aspect represents a major part of the French health sector. This is why it is common to observe needs in terms of support. Educational and social assistant, social worker... Find quickly medical interim missions in your geographical area with the Bruce application.

Why do medical interim?

Interim assignments in the health sector are an effective way to acquire skills, develop your professional experience and participate in a mission of general interest for your country.

Gain experience in the field

Develop your professional experience by completing multiple interim assignments in the medical field. If you are a student or have just completed your training, you will be able to put your learning into practice and develop your exchanges with health professionals and patients. Also, you will be able to enrich your professional experience and enhance it with recruiters.

Define your professional project

Hospital, private sector, independent... The health field is varied. Depending on where you work, you will not have the same methods, practices, advantages... Carrying out temporary assignments in the medical field is a good way to define your preferences and to build your professional project more precisely.

Fulfill missions that are essential to the country

As demonstrated during unprecedented health crises, the health sector is a pillar of our society. Answering the medical call as a temporary worker can be considered as a strong civic commitment. Whether you are looking for missions as doctors, nurses, attendants or more logistical jobs as handlers or ambulance drivers, you will play a key and important role.

Do you want to find assignments in the healthcare sector quickly? Trust Bruce, a digital recruitment agency specialized in temporary work. Consult thousands of ads in a few clicks on our application, create your profile and respond to missions that correspond to your geographical, professional and financial criteria.

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