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Tertiary sector

The tertiary sector covers a wide range of activities from trade to administration, including transport, financial and real estate activities, and services to companies and individuals. This sector includes large groups as well as small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and even the public service. The tertiary sector is thus divided between the commercial sector (trade, transport, financial activities, services rendered to companies, services rendered to individuals, real estate, information-communication...) and the non-commercial sector (public administration, education, human health, social action).

The jobs who are recruiting in the service sector

Whatever your field of interest, you can find temporary work in the service sector, most often in the commercial sector. You can apply for temporary jobs, depending on your qualifications, training and experience. If you have a specific educational background or have previous work experience, you can apply for temporary positions in the service sector. Most positions are accessible after a minimum of a BAC +2. However, some positions are accessible even without qualifications.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of assignments that can be offered as temporary jobs in the service sector:

  • Telephonist
  • Accountant
  • Management controller
  • Executive assistant
  • Business developer
  • Sales assistant
  • Customer advisor
  • Self-service employee

If you have a specific training or you already have professional experience, you can apply for these temporary positions in the service sector. Beginners are even accepted for certain missions. To apply for jobs, simply create your account on the Bruce platform and easily complete your profile by following the instructions given in the application.

To find out if your profile is suitable for a temporary assignment offered by Bruce, consult the detailed job description. There you can see the mandatory and optional requirements indicated by the company issuing the offer. Download the application and let the jobs come to you.

Everything you need to know about temporary employment in the tertiary

Working as an interim can be a great way to break the monotony of your professional life. Moreover, this type of contract offers many advantages and opportunities.

When you think of temporary work, the first sectors that come to mind are construction and industry. But even if it is true that these sectors use it a lot, they are not the only users of this type of contract. On the contrary, the service sector is also very fond of this type of contract for many profiles.

What is the tertiary as an interim?

The tertiary sector is very vast, it is a very developed sector and includes many different trades. This sector concerns both the positions related to secretarial work or assistantship, as well as those related to accounting or finance. However, temporary employment in the service sector also concerns commercial jobs. It is therefore possible to apply for a position of purchasing manager or manager. In the tertiary sector, we also find legal, IT or human resources. Training manager, payroll manager, tax specialist or IT manager are all part of these job offers that you could find in the tertiary sector.

In order to meet the needs and requirements of companies, many temporary employment agencies have specialized in this field of activity, which includes a large number of very different professions, all of which are related to office personnel.

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Which jobs in this sector are most common in interim?

This sector of activity is particularly vast and includes positions that require specific skills as well as a certain level of interpersonal skills.

Thus, temporary workers specialized in the various fields of this sector and looking for missions must have a profile of candidature in coherence with the position proposed by the user company. Indeed, their professional experience, their skills, their level of education, and their interpersonal skills must testify to their ability to fulfill each of the assignments they are given.

Today, companies can use different types of interim contracts such as student interims, which allow them to find a job during the summer vacations, executive interims for positions of responsibility, senior interims who have a great deal of expertise and finally interim management, which can meet a specific management need.

Why choose temporary employment in the tertiary?

This status allows you not to be bored, to acquire new skills and to enrich your knowledge. Moreover, working as an interim in this sector gives you the flexibility to manage the evolution of your professional career according to your needs and desires.

This type of contract also allows people who use it to work to benefit from certain advantages linked to the status of temporary worker, such as the rights of temporary workers or the temporary mutual insurance according to the temporary work agreement.

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