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Banking and insurance sector

Do you want to find temporary jobs in banking and insurance? Bruce publishes hundreds of temporary work offers every day, all over France.

What are the jobs in banking and insurance ?

The interim banking sector is one of the richest on the market. And this is also true for the insurance sector. Real estate loans, consumer credit, liability insurance, car insurance... These two professional branches are in great demand. If you wish, you have the possibility to find interim missions in banking and insurance, to occupy different types of jobs.

Analytical professions

Interim employment in the banking and insurance sector allows companies to call on analysts for one-off or recurring assignments. Thus, you will be able to find missions of credit analyst, financial analyst, risk manager, economic research officer, marketing research officer...

The reception and advisory professions

Many jobs related to these sectors of activity are in direct contact with customers: merger and acquisition advisor, bank teller, bank branch advisor, general insurance agent, broker, etc. You must listen, guide and advise, whether for loans, insurance or financial investments.

Purchasing and sales jobs in interim banking

Other positions are more focused on pure buying and selling. This is the case for salesmen, traders, telemarketers, underwriters... Find interim assignments in banking and insurance oriented in sales, using the Bruce search engine.

Why work as an interimin the banking and insurance ?

Doing temporary assignments in banking and insurance can be a real asset for your career. Experience, contacts, mobility... Here are the different advantages of temporary work.

Increase your experience with interim banking

It is not always easy to find a long-term contract when you have little or no professional experience. Companies are often looking for experienced profiles, capable of adapting quickly to the position. In this case, doing interim assignments in the banking or insurance sector is an excellent way to gain experience. You develop skills and enrich your CV.

Test different players in the market

Bank, insurance company, brokerage firm, trading company... It's not always obvious which type of company is right for you. Doing interim assignments in banking and insurance is a good way to explore these different companies and position yourself.

To be identified by companies

If you do a good job during your interim banking or other assignments, you have the possibility of being spotted by a company. They will then be able to offer you a position with a long term contract, if they appreciate your work. A good way to prove yourself.

How to find a temporary job in the banking and insurance industry?

Are you thinking of starting a temporary job in the field of banking and insurance? You don't have to go to a temporary banking agency to do this. At Bruce, you can create your profile in just a few clicks and consult our hundreds of offers throughout France. A 100% digital platform, which helps you find your temporary banking missions, without leaving your home.

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