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Construction sector

The building sector is particularly rich and varied. It gathers many trades and a vast disparity of companies. In order to reinforce their teams in a punctual way and to respect their commitments, many companies call upon temporary work in the construction industry. Carrying out temporary work assignments in this sector is a good way to discover the specificities, to develop one's skills on key positions and to get in touch with reference companies in this field.

The jobs who are recruiting in the construction industry

Temporary employment in the construction industry is characterized by a wide variety of job offers. Indeed, a multiplicity of trades is represented in the construction sector.

Operational jobs without qualifications

As far as temporary construction assignments are concerned, some are more focused on support work. Thus, the temporary workers come to lend a hand to skilled workers. This is notably the case for the missions of :

  • Temporary handler in the building industry
  • Execution worker in the construction industry
  • Cable puller

Skilled employment in the construction industry

For the most experienced workers, it is possible to carry out temporary assignments in the construction industry, according to their skills. Thus, you will find various job offers in interim, to be :

  • Heating engineer
  • Electrician of building site
  • Mason
  • Plasterer
  • Carpenter fitter
  • Carpenter of building site
  • Painter in building
  • Forklift operator
  • Roofer

Why workin interim in the construction ?

In the construction sector, working as a temporary worker has many advantages and can be very interesting for your professional career.

Discovering professions in immersion

Doing temporary assignments in the construction industry is a good way to gain professional experience and skills. You will perform various tasks and learn different work methodologies. This gained experience is an asset, to be valued during your job interviews for long term positions (long term contract for example).

Gaining skills through temporary employment in the construction industry

During your interim missions in the building industry, you will be in contact with various companies in the sector. This is a good way to get yourself spotted, by providing quality work and to be able to get in touch with company managers, in order to consider a possible long-term hiring.

Get in touch with companies

This sector of activity is very rich. You will be able to find temporary assignments in construction, all over France. You will be able to remain geographically mobile, and earn your living by completing assignments of varying lengths.

Find temporary assignments in the construction industry anywhere in France

To meet the many needs of the sector, Bruce acts as a temporary employment agency in the construction industry. We regularly offer temporary work assignments in this sector. Register in a few clicks and consult our offers online, from anywhere, on your smartphone. All this, without having to go to an agency.

Everything you need to know about temporary employment in industry

Today, the industry sector is one of the most represented in temporary employment. A true pillar of the economy, industry represents 10% of the GDP in France and provides three million direct jobs. Thanks to the plurality of jobs offered, the sector offers candidates a great deal of freedom of choice regarding the location or type of company to work for.

Temporary work in industry

The industry gathers production factors necessary to the sale of goods on the market more or less sophisticated. Whether in the automotive, food processing, energy, aeronautics, nuclear or pharmaceutical industries, the offer in industry is always present and very diversified. With an average salary of €35,250 gross per year, the remuneration of employees in industry is 14% higher than the national average. Similarly, industrial companies have developed schemes that influence employee motivation: profit-sharing bonuses, profit-sharing, etc. The industry sector means enjoying teamwork in committed companies that put in place the resources necessary to build tomorrow every day.

One year ago, following the health crisis, the government launched #FranceRelance. Since then, 100 billion euros have been devoted to economic recovery, including 1 billion euros in direct aid to support ambitious industrial projects. Today, our recruiters need you more than ever to meet this demand.

Bruce, your temporary construction agency

To meet the many needs of the sector, Bruce acts as a temporary employment agency in the construction industry. We regularly offer temporary work assignments in this sector. Register in a few clicks and consult our offers online, from anywhere, on your smartphone. All this, without having to go to an agency.

Everything you need to know about temporary employment in construction

Today, the construction industry is one of the sectors that recruits the most in temporary employment. As a real player in the economy, the sector reflects a wide diversity in terms of job offers. From the CAP to the bac+5, the construction industry is open to all types of profiles. Job seekers can easily find their own way and specialize in a specific field. Whether in manual or supervisory functions, the large-scale work that is carried out requires a permanent workforce. In this respect, the construction industry is one of the largest employers in France.

The construction industry as an interim

The construction industry is one of the most formative sectors! You can start an assignment as a novice and finish it with the qualifications required for other positions. Temporary employment in the building and civil engineering sector allows you to enrich your experience and thus to qualify in a specific area of the sector, and even to consider a possible evolution. A recruiter will have every interest in hiring someone who is already trained and thus offer you a permanent contract. This is why being rigorous in your work, even on a temporary basis, remains crucial. Your skills can be noticed and make the difference.

The construction industry in interim yes, but for which profession?

According to the government, the Ile de France region will need more than 68,000 jobs in the construction industry by 2024. Indeed, between the Greater Paris Project, the Olympic Games and the energy transition of buildings, the building and public works sectors are booming.

Here are a few jobs that can commonly be found in the construction industry:

  • Structural work: Formworker, roofer, mason, multi-skilled worker, VRD, laborer mason, formworker...

  • The trades of the second-work: Tiler, Carpenter wood, Heater, Electrician building TP VRD, Electrician cable, Carpenter aluminum, Flooring carpet, Carpenter wood, Painter in building, Plasterer, Plumber, Locksmith metalworker, Electrician, Carpenter roofer ...

  • Jobs in site management: Site manager, Construction team leader, Site manager...

  • Machine driving jobs: Public works machine driver, Crane operator, etc.

The specificities of the sector

Some missions require night work depending on the sector. The time frame varies depending on the activity, but generally it is between 9pm and 7am. In 2021, night work in the construction industry will receive the same bonus as work on Sundays and public holidays, with a 100% increase in the hours worked. But these increases are obviously not cumulative. In other words, night hours in the construction industry count double.

The card construction

Since 2017, every temporary worker working in the construction sector, and more specifically on construction sites, must have a BTP card also known as CIBTP. This card is a national identification card to fight against illegal work. For the moment, it is up to our talents to apply for it. It is valid for 5 years and costs 10 euros. You must make sure to update it according to the sites on which you work on the website

The PPE in the construction industry (personal protective equipment)

The construction industry requires vigilance. You must therefore wear equipment known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in order to protect yourself from any risk related to your health or safety at work. It is often determined by gloves, a helmet, a reflective vest, safety shoes, or adapted protective glasses. This means that there is a certain protocol to be followed by both the employee and the employer regarding these devices. You will find all the relative information in your mission contract.

Simple as Hello!

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Who says construction also says Engines!

In order to operate the construction sites, machines are more than necessary. Bruce is therefore looking for temporary workers who have the CACES (Certificate of Competence for the Safe Operation of Machinery) to fill job vacancies for drivers of construction machinery and aerial platforms.

Interim digital in construction

Working as a temp in the construction industry means a few things. You sign your contract with Bruce, which makes him your main employer. We take care of all the administration (salary payments, pay slips) and also your safety!

The construction industry, issues and prospects

More than ever, ecology is at the heart of concerns, even in the field of construction. Indeed, during the COP21, an objective was decided with the Paris Agreement: to reach zero carbon in 2050. The goal is to build new buildings while emitting as little greenhouse gas as possible. The RE2020 project created in 2020 defines the new environmental standards to be respected in order to reduce the energy consumption of the various constructions. The implementation of the project should be done from January 1st 2022. It will initially impact the construction of new buildings and then, more gradually, offices and educational buildings.

These new technical and ecological challenges are generating quite dense recruitment perspectives. The multiple energy renovations are increasing the need for personnel. Working in the building and public works sector means taking part in the challenges of tomorrow. These changes constitute a real demand, which consequently makes the job offers numerous in interim. Now you know everything about the construction industry! You can download our Bruce application to discover our job offers in the construction industry.

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