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Find a job in the construction industry.

In the construction industry, working as a temporary worker has many advantages and can be very interesting for your professional career.

The building sector is particularly rich and varied. It brings together a large number of trades and a vast disparity of companies.

In order to strengthen their teams on an ad hoc basis and meet their commitments, many companies call on temporary work in the construction industry.

Carrying out temporary work assignments in this sector is a good way to discover its specificities, to develop your skills in key positions and to get in touch with benchmark companies in this field.

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Why work as a temporary worker in the construction industry ?

Discover trades in immersion. At first, working as an interim in the building industry allows you to discover the different trades in this sector. By occupying a support position that does not require special qualifications, you will be in contact with qualified workers. In immersion, you will discover the role of each one and possibly be able to better define the path which interests you.

Gain skills thanks to temporary construction. Doing temporary missions in the construction industry is a good way to gain professional experience and skills. You perform various tasks and learn various working methodologies. This gained experience is an asset to promote during your job interviews for long-term positions (CDI for example).

Get in touch with companies. During your interim jobs in the building industry, you will be in contact with various companies in the sector. A good way to get noticed by providing quality work and to be able to get in touch with company managers, to consider a possible sustainable hiring.

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Bruce, your temporary construction agency.

To meet the many needs of the industry, Bruce acts as a temporary construction agency.

We regularly offer temporary work assignments in this sector.

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