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Catering sector

The food service industry is in constant motion. Depending on the time of year, the need for workers can be more or less important. In order to meet this demand, many establishments offer temporary assignments in the fast food industry or temporary assignments in the kitchen.

What are the jobs of the cathering ?

If the jobs of waiters and cooks are the most evocative when talking about the restaurant industry, they are far from being the only professions in this field. There are more than a dozen jobs that work every day in this professional sector. Among them, we find the classic bartenders, sommeliers, cooks, restaurant employees... Less known, but just as present: the maitre d', receptionists, restaurant managers, waiters... Whatever your speciality, you will be able to find interim assignments in the restaurant industry that match your skills.

Why work as a interim in the restoration?

Temporary work does not necessarily mean precariousness. On the contrary. This type of contract can be a real opportunity for you to complete assignments of varying lengths. You can gain experience, earn a living and work wherever you want.

Gain experience in your field

The fact of carrying out several missions in different restaurants or in different positions (temporary catering missions, temporary kitchen, etc.), will allow you to gain experience. You will meet a varied clientele, different missions and work in contact with bosses with different working methods. All these elements will allow you to enrich yourself professionally. You will increase your skills, learn new things and develop your contacts in the field.

Earning income during a period of inactivity

Favouring temporary work in the restaurant industry can also be an opportunity to work on short term assignments during a period of inactivity. For example, this may be the case when you leave one job and wait for the next one to start. This way, you maintain a salary and continue to use your skills within an establishment.

How to find a temporary job in the restaurant industry?

While finding a temporary food service company is not that difficult, it can be a challenge when you have a long shift or can't find a job in your area. Fortunately, Bruce is here to support you in your daily work life, and to help you find assignments that meet your various criteria. It's easy to do! Download our application, create an account and start your search. In just a few clicks, you'll be able to consult the latest ads posted by professionals in the restaurant industry.

Everything you need to know about temporary employment in hotel restoration

Since the easing of sanitary restrictions, the hotel and restaurant sector has taken off again! Are you looking for a job in the hotel and restaurant industry? We explain why you should join this sector as a temporary worker.

What is the the hotel and restaurant industry as an interim?

The catering industry is a very dynamic sector of activity, and even more so in the interim sector. Since the onset of covid-19, restaurant and hotel owners have made even greater use of temporary contracts. Indeed, following the different confinements and the uncertainty concerning the return to normalcy, restaurant owners remain cautious in their hiring on fixed-term or permanent contracts.

Despite the crisis, the hotel and restaurant sector offers a wide range of jobs that correspond to different and varied levels of qualifications and skills. Temporary employment in the catering industry, as in any other field, allows you to quickly enrich your professional career.

In this sector, certain jobs do not necessarily require professional training, such as that of dishwasher. Thus, the student interim contract can allow people who are not yet graduates to perfect their knowledge during their studies, if they are related to the mission concerned, or simply to find a job during their school vacations. A student can be hired to meet the pressing needs of this sector, so the temporary worker must be quickly operational and adapt to the spirit of the establishment and its operation.

The temporary work contract is very much used in the hotel and catering sector and some recruitment agencies have specialized in this field, as the catering industry has several facets such as traditional catering, cafés and brasseries, collective catering which meets the daily needs of people whether for companies, administration, education or health and finally the hotel industry which each uses many temporary contracts.

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Which jobs in this sector are most common in the interim ?

The hotel and restaurant sector offers many opportunities for rapid advancement. This major advantage allows us to recruit people with few qualifications by allowing them to evolve. Thus, it is quite possible to find a job that corresponds to your professional expectations.

The most common jobs in the restaurant industry are

  • Room jobs: maître d'hôtel, chef de rang, commis de salle, waiter, barman, receptionist, wine waiter, etc.
  • Kitchen jobs: chef de cuisine, chef de partie, cook, pastry chef, kitchen assistant, restaurant employee, dishwasher, pizza maker, etc.
  • Management and other professions: chef manager, restaurant operator, caterer, reception organizer, dietician, quality controller.

Why choose the interim in the hotel and restaurant industry?

Although it is necessary to be very flexible in order to adapt quickly and be ready according to the evolution of the demand and to be able to work nights, weekends or even holidays. Temporary work offers many advantages, especially in the restaurant industry.

By accepting a temporary assignment, you are sure not to get bored since you will be confronted with multiple assignments that will enrich your professional career and allow you to gain in skills. Moreover, working as a temp in this sector gives you the flexibility to manage the evolution of your professional career according to your needs and desires. Working as a temporary employee also allows you to benefit from certain advantages linked to the status of temporary employee, such as the rights of temporary employees or the temporary health insurance plan according to the temporary work agreement.

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