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Definition of the job of Material Handler

The material handler is in charge of the goods stored in the warehouse of a company. The material handler moves, carries and packs products using non-motorized equipment: hand trucks, rollers, straps, etc. The material handler is involved in receiving, putting away, preparing, packing and physical inventory operations. The material handler is responsible for the routing, storage and retrieval of products and materials at a distributor or manufacturing plant. As such, he/she is responsible for the availability of goods and must avoid stock-outs in the preparation of orders or in the production line.

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This profession is accessible without a diploma or professional experience. However, as part of a specialization, it is recommended to obtain the certificate of aptitude for safe driving (CACES), issued at the end of a week's training and valid for 5 years.

The qualities and skills required of the handler

The profession of material handler has evolved, particularly thanks to the computerization and mechanization of tasks. Thus, to be a material handler today, you must master the techniques of packaging, slinging and packaging of products, but also have computer skills. You must also know how to handle tools such as tongs, jibs, spurs, know the codes and symbols specific to handling, and be able to use non-motorized handling equipment (pallet truck, hand truck, etc.) or motorized equipment (forklift, etc.). Finally, the handler must know the safety rules and instructions.

Methodical, careful and cautious, the material handler must also show strength and resistance (carrying loads of more than 20 kg, noisy environment, refrigerated area, bad weather or high temperature) and a sense of contact (relations with other trades involved in handling operations). He/she must also be available to work shifted hours (shifts, weekends, holidays or nights).

Salary and job evolution

The average starting salary for a material handler is around the minimum wage, but this salary evolves over time and can be improved by adding bonuses.

After a few years of experience, a material handler can take on more responsibilities by moving towards management positions within his company as a team leader, stock manager, or move (thanks to training) towards the profession of forklift operator, warehouseman or crane operator. Professional development can vary according to the sector of activity (in the retail sector, for example, the warehouse worker can become a department manager).

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