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Everything you need to know about the job of manufacturing agent

Working independently or as part of a team, the manufacturing agent, also known as a production agent or production cell operator, is responsible for assembling, mounting and fixing products. His/her role is to obtain a production that complies with the manufacturing instructions and standards defined beforehand by the company that employs him/her. The instructions to be respected may concern hygiene, the environment, safety and especially the quality of the products manufactured. To carry out his tasks, the manufacturing agent has at his disposal automatic or semi-automatic production machines that have been previously adjusted. Thanks to these machines, he/she generally manages a mass production line and is responsible for the quality and deadlines to be met. He must therefore know how to anticipate the rates and quantities to be produced.

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The job of manufacturing agent does not require any training or specialization, but access to the position is facilitated by obtaining a professional title of manufacturing agent or a diploma of CAP level in industry, maintenance or mechanics.

The job of manufacturing agent is for you if...

To carry out his activity, the manufacturing agent must have good manual dexterity and be able to withstand noise, dust and odors.

Thoroughness, precision and organization are also valuable assets to carry out the assembly operations that are required of them. In addition, the manufacturing agent must respect the standards in force (hygiene and safety sometimes requiring the wearing of individual protection: glasses, gloves, helmet, safety shoes, anti-noise helmet).

The job of manufacturing agent requires above all a good physical condition. Punctuality is also an essential asset to successfully complete a manufacturing agent's mission. In addition to the technical skills required by this job, adaptability and organizational skills are also required. Although he or she is often required to work alone, a manufacturing agent must also have the ability to work in a team.

Salary and job evolution

An entry-level manufacturing agent earns around the minimum wage, but this salary can evolve according to experience, position and responsibility. With experience and investment in a production unit, a manufacturing agent may have the opportunity to gain responsibility and move into management positions such as manufacturing supervisor or team leader. He or she may also specialize as an assembly agent on more complex product manufacturing and assembly.

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