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Definition of the Order preparer's job

The order picker works in the transport and logistics sector as he/she is in charge of preparing products to be delivered to a given customer. Before delivery, these products must be stored within the company (in a warehouse, a dock, a store, a refrigerated room, etc.).

The order picker must therefore follow the instructions on the order form issued by the sales department and intended for a customer. He gathers the products and packs them in a container specific to the product (parcel, carton, pallet, cooler, etc.). After checking the conformity of his preparation with the order (quantities, references, etc.), the order preparer overpacks everything and transmits the prepared order to the delivery department. Essential in the good progress of an order, it plays a particularly key role in the development of certain companies, in particular of e-commerce.

Find a job as an Order preparer

It is possible to access the job of order picker with a BEP or CAP, but training courses such as a vocational baccalaureate or BTS can enable you to progress more quickly.

Today, the different existing training courses are :

  • the BEP Logistics and Transport,
  • the CAP (vocational training certificate) for warehousing and messaging agents,
  • the professional baccalaureate in logistics,
  • the BTS in packaging and packing,
  • the professional title of warehouse agent (via a VAE course).

The qualities and skills required of the Order preparer

An order picker must be familiar with the business, the customers and all the products in the company's inventory, as well as their location, to be effective.

The main skills needed to become an order picker are :

  • rigor because he/she must respect deadlines and quality and quantity control instructions,
  • the ability to read and interpret order tracking documents
  • the use of handling trucks,
  • the ability to perform repetitive tasks,
  • a good sense of organization and order,
  • mastery of inventory management software,
  • good physical condition since he/she must perform manual tasks and travel a lot.

In addition to these skills, an order picker must have a forklift operator's license, which is required to handle pallet trucks or forklifts. He must also be able to withstand sometimes difficult conditions (noisy environment, dust, sub-zero temperatures...). He must also be available because he is often asked to work shifts, nights, weekends or holidays.

Salary and job evolution

On average, an order picker earns 32,000 euros gross per year, including various bonuses.

After several years of experience, an order picker can become a dock manager, team leader, stock manager or receptionist.

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