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Everything you need to know about the sales consultant profession

The sales consultant is an ideal entry point into the retail sector. Attached to a department, they welcome customers, inform them about the availability of products and offer advice. He or she is therefore involved in both sales and customer service. This is a rich and versatile job, accessible even before the baccalaureate level, but which offers excellent prospects for professional development. On a daily basis, he/she may have to carry out various tasks such as organizing the shelves, checking labels and stocking shelves, taking inventory and liaising with the stock teams at the end of the day, welcoming customers, providing information on product availability, giving advice and demonstrations, and finally providing orientation in the store. The tasks assigned to the sales consultant may vary depending on the size of the structure and the needs of the moment.

Find a job as a sales consultant

The position of sales consultant is accessible after a very short training course. Indeed, a motivated candidate can be recruited even before the baccalaureate level. Nevertheless, the validation of a higher diploma allows for a faster professional progression. It is therefore advisable to have one of the following qualifications:

  • CAP multi-specialty sales employee
  • CAP specialized sales employee, there are multiple options depending on the sector targeted
  • BEP Sales Merchant Action
  • Professional baccalaureate in commerce and sales
  • BTS in operational sales management.

The sales consultant job is for you if you are...

The sales consultant works in direct contact with the customer. He or she must therefore have solid human qualities, such as impeccable presentation and good interpersonal skills. They must be available and willing to listen, and must also show courtesy, patience and responsiveness in order to respond to requests. The sales consultant is responsible for the presentation of his or her department and is able to work in total autonomy. He/she is therefore observant, reactive in the event of unforeseen circumstances and has great versatility. His rigor, organization and good command of figures allow him to be entrusted with more and more responsibilities.

Salary and job evolution

The salary of a sales consultant is composed of a fixed part and a variable part depending on his results. It is therefore difficult to define because it differs from one profile to another.

On average, a sales consultant earns between €1,500 and €1,800 per month (depending on his or her experience), plus performance bonuses, which sometimes significantly increase his or her income.

The position of sales consultant is an ideal entry point for candidates wishing to move into the retail sector. Indeed, after a few years of successful practice, it is possible to climb the hierarchical ladder and become, in turn, a team leader, a department manager, and eventually a store manager.

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