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Definition of the job of telephonist

The telephonist's mission is to answer telephone calls from a company's customers in order to provide them with advice and solutions. They represent the customer service department. His role varies: reassure, inform, build loyalty, sell products or services, resolve complaints or provide a certificate to the customer. The arguments to be put forward are displayed on his computer screen and thanks to a headset, he has his hands free and can record in real time the customers' requests on specific software. He therefore has to deal with incoming calls at a relatively fast pace.

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Although there is no specific diploma for teleconsulting, employers prefer to have a 2-year degree in sales, marketing and communication.

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In addition to knowing how to conduct a telephone interview (good elocution, verbal rhythm, tone, respect for timing), the teleconsultant must master difficult situations, master customer relations and sales techniques, know the products or services perfectly, know how to write and master office automation tools. From the moment they answer a call, teleconsultants must be good listeners, responsive and positive. A diplomat, he or she must also be convincing, persuasive and tenacious. Despite an often noisy environment and sometimes unpleasant customers, he or she must remain patient and demonstrate unfailing politeness.

Salary and job evolution

The salary received by a teleconsultant is generally between the minimum wage and 1,600 euros per month. The telephonist can quickly progress to the position of supervisor of a team of telephonists, and later on to that of head of the call center. Depending on his or her skills and level of training, he or she can also move into a sales or customer communication position.

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